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Wallpaper Stenciling

Wallpaper stenciling, so easy a kid can do it

Step 1

Spray the back of your stencil with spray adhesive. Allow adhesive to dry until it is tacky to the touch. Place your stencil on your wall, using a level to ensure true horizontal placement. Using a light pencil, place a single dot in the center of all four triangle shaped registration marks.
Step 1, Registration Marks
Step 2, Offloading Roller

Step 2

Load your roller with your liquid acrylic or latex paint. Offload onto a paper towel. You do not want your roller to be dripping with paint. Like stenciling with a brush, the roller must be "dry" to the touch

Step 3

Apply paint to the stencil openings.
Step 2, Offloading Roller
Step 2, Offloading Roller

Step 4

Carefully lift your stencil up and shift the stencil to the right or left, using the triangle registration marks and part of the design as a guide.

Step 5

Repeat Step 3. Remove stencil and shift. Continue in this fashion horizontally as well as vertically to cover your wall.
Step 2, Offloading Roller

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