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acrylics or cremes

Each type of paint has its advantages and disadvantages. Liquid acrylics come in a very large variety of colors, are less expensive and dry very quickly. Because acrylics dry very quickly, blending colors on your wall while stenciling is difficult; they simply dry too quickly. Stencil cremes, on the other hand, are more expensive, come in a smaller variety of colors, dry very slowly, making it quite easy to blend colors while stenciling, and do not cause "drip" problems.

Do not attempt to use either acrylics or cremes on a surface that is high gloss. A surface painted with flat paint is best, a semi-gloss or satin is fine, but high gloss is not advisable. The paint will simply not adhere well at all to a high gloss surface. If you absolutely need to stencil on a surface painted with high gloss paint, rough up the surface you will be stenciling with a brown paper bag or fine grit (200) sandpaper.

One of the most common errors is overloading your brush(applying too much paint in the stencil opening) causing paint to seep underneath the stencil. If this occurs, your designs will not have crisp and clean edges.

TIP: A great test for determining whether you've overloaded your brush is to lightly tap the back of your hand before applying paint to the stencil opening. If you see paint on the back of your hand, you have way too much paint on your brush.

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