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Raised Stencling

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Raised stencils (also known as impasto, dimensional, or Sculpture Stencils®) are a simple way to create stunning 3-D affects. Apply stencil paste or crackle paste (you can even use vinyl spackling or joint compound) to our special stencils to create these raised designs on almost any smooth surface. Once the compound is dry, leave as is, or paint with a latex paint, acrylics or crèmes. Easier than stenciling with paint!

Raised Stencils

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stencil r3088l , Large Acanthus Trellis

Large Acanthus Trellis


stencil r5001l , Large Phoebe Tulip Vine

Large Phoebe Tulip Vine


stencil r3080l , Large Linked In

Large Linked In


stencil r3081 , Ribbon Lattice

Ribbon Lattice


stencil r2085 , Florentine Damask

Florentine Damask


stencil r2055 , Elegancia Allover

Elegancia Allover


stencil r2066 , Ornamental Cartouche

Ornamental Cartouche


stencil r724l , Large Fabric Damask

Large Fabric Damask


stencil r2067 , Ornamental Flower

Ornamental Flower


stencil r2062 , Foliate Damask

Foliate Damask


stencil r2061l , Large Acanthus Damask

Large Acanthus Damask


stencil v1 , Wreath of Leaves Frieze

Wreath of Leaves Frieze


stencil v9 , Barrington Frieze

Barrington Frieze


stencil v3 , Miniature Tree

Miniature Tree


stencil v6 , Stacked Stone

Stacked Stone


stencil v2 , Aspen Tree

Aspen Tree


stencil r971l , Large Sophistiscroll

Large Sophistiscroll


stencil r2031 , Scrolling Shell

Scrolling Shell


stencil rst102 , Fleur  de Lis Scroll

Fleur de Lis Scroll


stencil rst404 , Palm Frond

Palm Frond


stencil r2015 , Falling Feathers

Falling Feathers


stencil r2033 , Renaissance Door Crown

Renaissance Door Crown


stencil r3055 , Arabesque Ceiling Center

Arabesque Ceiling Center


stencil r719 , Fleur de Lis Garland

Fleur de Lis Garland


stencil r2035 , Villa Border

Villa Border


stencil r2037 , Flourish Border

Flourish Border


stencil r3040 , Circling Allover

Circling Allover


stencil r3041 , Circling Allover Elements

Circling Allover Elements


stencil r2050l , Endless Vine Large

Endless Vine Large


stencil r3034l , Large Berry Romantic

Large Berry Romantic


stencil rmmst204 , Floral Paisleys

Floral Paisleys


stencil rmmst300 , Endless Circles

Endless Circles


stencil ds3418e , Diamond Medallion

Diamond Medallion


stencil ds8017e , Victorian Scroll

Victorian Scroll


stencil ds8018e , Scroll Border

Scroll Border


stencil ds8020e , Floral Scroll

Floral Scroll


stencil ds8022e , Fern Border

Fern Border


stencil az23 , Lydias Acanthus Elements

Lydias Acanthus Elements


stencil az25 , Acanthus Elements

Acanthus Elements


stencil az26 , Acanthus Leaves

Acanthus Leaves


stencil az30 , Natashas Elements

Natashas Elements


stencil az32 , Acanthus Elements

Acanthus Elements


stencil az40 , Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot


stencil az38 , Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot


stencil stm13 , Scroll Tile

Scroll Tile


stencil sc102 , 3 Inch Letters and Numbers

3 Inch Letters and Numbers


stencil sc105 , Venetial Scroll

Venetial Scroll


stencil sc104 , Spot Motifs

Spot Motifs


stencil sc107 , Victorian Valence

Victorian Valence


stencil sc109 , Grapevine



stencil sc113 , Kanji Symbols

Kanji Symbols


stencil sc114 , Fleur De Lis

Fleur De Lis


stencil sc119 , Floral Breeze

Floral Breeze


stencil stm01 , Fleur Tile

Fleur Tile


stencil stm03 , Venetian Corner

Venetian Corner


stencil stm05 , Grapes



stencil stm08 , Victorian Tile

Victorian Tile


stencil stm12 , Hibiscus Tile

Hibiscus Tile


stencil az9 , Palm Tree

Palm Tree


stencil az1 , Fern



stencil az6 , Aspen Branch

Aspen Branch


stencil az5 , Woodland Solace

Woodland Solace


stencil az3 , Acanthus Leaf

Acanthus Leaf


stencil az8 , Lilac Vine

Lilac Vine


stencil az2 , Biancas Vine

Biancas Vine


stencil az4 , Pine Bough

Pine Bough


stencil s8150 , 3 Pack Putty Knives

3 Pack Putty Knives


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