Tromp L'oeil Mural Stencils

Stenciling is an excellent way to decorate Tromp L'oeil styles on your walls. You can transform a wall from from plain to interesting just by including some faux elements that can fool the eye.

A flat wall can look like brick or stone with the right stenciling. Be sure to check out all the other mural stencil elements also available.

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stencil ds2272 , Stone Path

Stone Path


stencil ds3317 , Small Hanging Basket

Small Hanging Basket


stencil v7 , Cottage Stone

Cottage Stone


stencil ys327 , Stone Block Mortar

Stone Block Mortar


stencil dsw005b , 22 Inch Roman Clock

22 Inch Roman Clock


stencil dsw005c , 30 Inch Roman Clock

30 Inch Roman Clock


stencil dsw005d , 36 Inch Roman Clock

36 Inch Roman Clock


stencil nv236 , Weathered Shutter

Weathered Shutter


stencil ds2918 , Apple Tree

Apple Tree


stencil ds1915 , Rose Tree

Rose Tree


stencil ds2475 , Lilac Shrub Tree

Lilac Shrub Tree


stencil ds3347 , Large Lilac Tree

Large Lilac Tree


stencil ds2391 , Small Dogwood Tree

Small Dogwood Tree


stencil ys0342 , Wash Day

Wash Day


stencil ys0052 , Collectibles



stencil ys0030 , Teacups



stencil sj813 , Tree



stencil ds3043 , Wainscotting



stencil nv211 , Mouse Hole

Mouse Hole


stencil nv100 , Little Fieldmouse

Little Fieldmouse


stencil sd400 , Picket Fence

Picket Fence


stencil a950 , Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire


stencil sd628 , Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat


stencil sd624 , Tree Trunks  w/vines

Tree Trunks w/vines


stencil sd401 , Birdbath



stencil sd413 , Pergola Archway or Border

Pergola Archway or Border


stencil sd600 , Porthole Gate and Fence

Porthole Gate and Fence


stencil la731 , Window II

Window II


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