Garden Mural Stencils

Garden scenes have a way of bringing an air of peace and calm to our fast paced lives. Why not choose our Garden Mural to add a sense of tranquility to your home, office or school. Have fun and create a natural habitat that will take you back simpler times. You may choose the kit below which includes all of the stencils to make the mural, or you may choose individual elements.

View a Gallery Pictures of all the products for this mural along with suggested stencil paints and brushes Gallery Pictures with creme paints

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stencil sd409 , Day Lily Border

Day Lily Border


stencil sd403 , Butterfly House

Butterfly House


stencil sd405 , Gathering Basket

Gathering Basket


stencil sd406 , Garden Clogs and Tools

Garden Clogs and Tools


stencil sd400 , Picket Fence

Picket Fence


stencil sd609 , Branch 2

Branch 2


stencil sd620 , Grass



stencil sd412 , Morning Glory Companion

Morning Glory Companion


stencil sd410 , Ivy Companion

Ivy Companion


stencil a877 , Lily



stencil sd75 , Touch of France

Touch of France


stencil sd401 , Birdbath



stencil sd402 , Birdhouses



stencil sd404 , Clay Pots

Clay Pots


stencil sd407 , Hosta



stencil sd408 , Watering Can

Watering Can


stencil sd411 , Butterflies, Bees, Bluebird, Chipmunk

Butterflies, Bees, Bluebird, Chipmunk


stencil sd413 , Pergola Archway or Border

Pergola Archway or Border


stencil sd414 , Delphinium



stencil sd603 , Cone Flower

Cone Flower


stencil sd604 , Apple Barrel

Apple Barrel


stencil sd606 , Evergreen Bush

Evergreen Bush


stencil sd607 , Clematis Border

Clematis Border


stencil sd35 , Elegant Ivy

Elegant Ivy


stencil sd20 , Morning Delight

Morning Delight


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