Rainforest Mural Stencils

Imagne a tropical landscape in your very own bedroom, office or playroom. Realistic vines, colorful tropical birds, a swinging monkey and a ferocious jaguar all work together to convey a sense of adventure and intrigue.

Please see our client photos of this rainforest mural in our gallery.

View a kit of all the products for this mural along with suggested stencil paints and brushes kit with creme paints

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stencil sd626 , Rainforest Palm

Rainforest Palm


stencil sd615 , Bamboo



stencil sd616 , Branch 1

Branch 1


stencil sd609 , Branch 2

Branch 2


stencil sd625 , Philodendron 2

Philodendron 2


stencil sd614 , Philodendron 1

Philodendron 1


stencil sd621 , Orchid 1

Orchid 1


stencil sd622 , Orchid 2

Orchid 2


stencil sd618 , Toucan and Birds

Toucan and Birds


stencil sd620 , Grass



stencil sd623 , Parrot



stencil sd627 , Iquana



stencil sd619 , Critters



stencil sd624 , Tree Trunks  w/vines

Tree Trunks w/vines


stencil sd612 , Monkey



stencil sd611 , Jaguar



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