Stencils with Vines

A flowing vine near the top or middle of a wall is a striking way to add interest to your room. For a more unique approach, a sprawling vine placed randomly along a wall adds an interesting old world flair. If you like trompe l'oeil, try our raised vine stencils to create realistic 3D effects.

For additional inspiration, check out or client Gallery that includes a number of pictures of vine stencils being used by clients

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stencil a756 , Ivy & Berries

Ivy & Berries


stencil a810 , Grapes Border

Grapes Border


stencil ds3561 , Climbing Vines

Climbing Vines


stencil a248l , Nathans Vine

Nathans Vine


stencil a249s , Vine



stencil ds1284 , Dogwood with Birds

Dogwood with Birds


stencil ds041b , Large Ivy Border

Large Ivy Border


stencil ds991b , Large Violet Ivy Border

Large Violet Ivy Border


stencil ds3317 , Small Hanging Basket

Small Hanging Basket


stencil ds2693 , Butterfly Border with Vine

Butterfly Border with Vine


stencil r1021 , Floral Embroidery

Floral Embroidery


stencil sso2059 , Leaf Scroll Border

Leaf Scroll Border


stencil v23 , Trailing Ivy

Trailing Ivy


stencil ds038 , Leaves and Berries

Leaves and Berries


stencil r3088l , Large Acanthus Trellis

Large Acanthus Trellis


stencil r5001l , Large Phoebe Tulip Vine

Large Phoebe Tulip Vine


stencil ds3343 , Ivy Leaf

Ivy Leaf


stencil v19 , Grapevine Border

Grapevine Border


stencil v18 , Grapevine Arch

Grapevine Arch


stencil v20 , Vertical Grapevine

Vertical Grapevine


stencil v1 , Wreath of Leaves Frieze

Wreath of Leaves Frieze


stencil v9 , Barrington Frieze

Barrington Frieze


stencil v12 , Free Style Ivy

Free Style Ivy


stencil ys305 , Plum Vine

Plum Vine


stencil v16 , Honeysuckle Vine

Honeysuckle Vine


stencil v17 , Wisteria



stencil v22 , Cherry Branch

Cherry Branch


stencil v21 , Blueberry Border

Blueberry Border


stencil sso2028 , Leaf Scroll

Leaf Scroll


stencil ds653 , 5 Inch Floral Border

5 Inch Floral Border


stencil ds2829 , Flower Vine

Flower Vine


stencil ds3301 , Flower Honeysuckle

Flower Honeysuckle


stencil r515 , Palazzo Scroll Border

Palazzo Scroll Border


stencil r702m , Medium Shell Elegance

Medium Shell Elegance


stencil r408 , Wine of the Vine

Wine of the Vine


stencil r3030 , Oriental Vine Allover

Oriental Vine Allover


stencil r2050l , Endless Vine Large

Endless Vine Large


stencil qcl132-13 , Rose Border

Rose Border


stencil nv217l , Wrought Iron Corner

Wrought Iron Corner


stencil nv408a , Vine Sprigs

Vine Sprigs


stencil nv421 , Nestled in Ivy

Nestled in Ivy


stencil a173 , Madelines Vine

Madelines Vine


stencil ds8020e , Floral Scroll

Floral Scroll


stencil ds2933 , Large Grape Vine

Large Grape Vine


stencil ds2933b , Small Grape Vine

Small Grape Vine


stencil ds3606 , Acanthus Swirl Border

Acanthus Swirl Border


stencil ds3561e , Climbing Vines

Climbing Vines


stencil ds2412 , Free Form Wisteria

Free Form Wisteria


stencil ys0367 , French Toile

French Toile


stencil ys0307 , Strawberry Vine

Strawberry Vine


stencil ys0052 , Collectibles



stencil ys0044 , Sweet Blossoms

Sweet Blossoms


stencil ys0034 , Cascade of Blossoms

Cascade of Blossoms


stencil ys0021 , Blanches Berries

Blanches Berries


stencil a812 , Blueberries



stencil ds1873 , Rosebud Vine Small

Rosebud Vine Small


stencil a600l , Hummingbird Temptation Large

Hummingbird Temptation Large


stencil swp0008 , Ivy Wallpaper Stencil

Ivy Wallpaper Stencil


stencil sc109 , Grapevine



stencil sc119 , Floral Breeze

Floral Breeze


stencil stm05 , Grapes



stencil v28 , Freestyle Grapes Border

Freestyle Grapes Border


stencil a266l , Cassioppeias Vineyard

Cassioppeias Vineyard


stencil a269s , Fruit of the Vine

Fruit of the Vine


stencil a4121 , Twigs and Leaves

Twigs and Leaves


stencil a622l , Woodland Berries

Woodland Berries


stencil az2 , Biancas Vine

Biancas Vine


stencil a779 , Wisteria



stencil a134 , Nairobi Vine

Nairobi Vine


stencil a147s , Woodvine and Berries Small

Woodvine and Berries Small


stencil a147l , Woodvine and Berries Large

Woodvine and Berries Large


stencil sd624 , Tree Trunks  w/vines

Tree Trunks w/vines


stencil sd412 , Morning Glory Companion

Morning Glory Companion


stencil a600s , Hummingbird Temptation Small

Hummingbird Temptation Small


stencil a267s , Italys Bounty

Italys Bounty


stencil sp281 , Tuscan Olive Frieze

Tuscan Olive Frieze


stencil sd410 , Ivy Companion

Ivy Companion


stencil sd35 , Elegant Ivy

Elegant Ivy


stencil sd36 , Ivy Trellis

Ivy Trellis


stencil sj435 , Great Winterberries

Great Winterberries


stencil sj810 , Honeysuckle Vine

Honeysuckle Vine


stencil sd20 , Morning Delight

Morning Delight


stencil qcl144-17 , Grapevine Border

Grapevine Border


stencil qcl159-17 , Ivy Border

Ivy Border


stencil qcl110-07 , Heart Wreath

Heart Wreath


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