Tree Stencils

Tree stencils can be used to highlight a single wall in your home, or as part of a larger mural. Thicker stencils such as the one to the right can be used to make eye catching raised designs using stencil paste.

Our client picture gallery includes plenty of ideas to help you decorate.

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stencil ww227a , Live Well

Live Well

$32.00 & up

stencil ds1147 , Large Potted Palm

Large Potted Palm


stencil v5 , Plaster Pine Branch and Mold

Plaster Pine Branch and Mold


stencil dck1055 , Forest Friends

Forest Friends


stencil a544s , Canadian Nights

Canadian Nights


stencil r304 , Free Form Lilacs

Free Form Lilacs


stencil v4 , Free Form Willow Tree

Free Form Willow Tree


stencil v3 , Miniature Tree

Miniature Tree


stencil v2 , Aspen Tree

Aspen Tree


stencil ww8 , Meadow Silhouette

Meadow Silhouette


stencil a4049 , Historical Sampler

Historical Sampler


stencil ds2918 , Apple Tree

Apple Tree


stencil ds1915 , Rose Tree

Rose Tree


stencil ds3618 , Leafy Tree

Leafy Tree


stencil ds1723 , Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree


stencil ds1740 , Large Palm Tree

Large Palm Tree


stencil ds2098 , Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping Cherry Tree


stencil ds2475 , Lilac Shrub Tree

Lilac Shrub Tree


stencil ds3347 , Large Lilac Tree

Large Lilac Tree


stencil ds2904 , Wisteria Tree

Wisteria Tree


stencil ds2391 , Small Dogwood Tree

Small Dogwood Tree


stencil ds1828 , Large Bamboo Tree

Large Bamboo Tree


stencil ds2894 , Small Bamboo Tree

Small Bamboo Tree


stencil ds1450 , LargeTree with Flowers

LargeTree with Flowers


stencil ds1451 , Medium Tree with Flowers

Medium Tree with Flowers


stencil sj813 , Tree



stencil sj843 , Palm Tree

Palm Tree


stencil a4040 , Pinecone Pail Kit

Pinecone Pail Kit


stencil ds2584 , Topiary



stencil sd626 , Rainforest Palm

Rainforest Palm


stencil a4230 , Life Is A Beach

Life Is A Beach


stencil a4226l , Large Palm Tree

Large Palm Tree


stencil sj842 , Bamboo



stencil swp22 , Palm Tree Wallpaper Stencil

Palm Tree Wallpaper Stencil


stencil az9 , Palm Tree

Palm Tree


stencil a521l , Forest Animals W/ Trees

Forest Animals W/ Trees


stencil sd615 , Bamboo



stencil a4099 , Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts


stencil a610s , Cabin Sampler

Cabin Sampler


stencil a151 , Emma's Willow and Swirls

Emma's Willow and Swirls


stencil a171m , Historical Willow Medium

Historical Willow Medium


stencil a171s , Historical Willow Small

Historical Willow Small


stencil sd624 , Tree Trunks  w/vines

Tree Trunks w/vines


stencil a4054 , Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


stencil a797 , Nightfall Trees

Nightfall Trees


stencil a554s , Tree



stencil a138 , Asian Influence

Asian Influence


stencil a631 , Moose and Deer

Moose and Deer


stencil a544l , Canadian Nights

Canadian Nights


stencil sj812 , Countryside



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