Star Stencils

Star stencils are available for patriotic accents and room borders, as well as allover wallpaper applications. In addition to the traditional star designs we have, we also have whimsical shaped stars. An example of the more whimsical star designs can be found in our pixie dust stencil.

Be sure to check out our client picture gallery for more decorating ideas.

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stencil ds3196 , USA Stars and Stripes

USA Stars and Stripes


stencil ds3197 , Small Waving American Flag

Small Waving American Flag


stencil ww277a , I See The Moon

I See The Moon

$28.00 & up

stencil ww258a , Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle

$28.00 & up

stencil ww15 , Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West


stencil dse108 , Solar System

Solar System


stencil ds105 , Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon


stencil a791s , Architectural Star Small

Architectural Star Small


stencil a791m , Architectural Star Medium

Architectural Star Medium


stencil ds3364 , Compass Rose

Compass Rose


stencil ds486 , Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls


stencil ys0362 , Sea Buddies

Sea Buddies


stencil ds2253 , Bucking Broncos

Bucking Broncos


stencil ys0383l , Star Stencil Large

Star Stencil Large


stencil a311 , Star Assortment

Star Assortment


stencil a791l , Architectural Star Large

Architectural Star Large


stencil ds203 , All Nursery Rhyme

All Nursery Rhyme


stencil c204 , Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust


stencil lr15-644 , Space



stencil lr15-673 , Solar System Components

Solar System Components


stencil aw99 , Flag Stars

Flag Stars


stencil ww907 , Football Monogram

Football Monogram


stencil swp07 , Starfield



stencil a4033l , Patriotic Quilt

Patriotic Quilt


stencil a790l , Architectural Stars and Stripes

Architectural Stars and Stripes


stencil a933 , Starstruck



stencil aw73 , Mini Stars and Stripes

Mini Stars and Stripes


stencil a428s , Ghostly Fun

Ghostly Fun


stencil a361 , Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls


stencil a845 , Galaxy Travelers

Galaxy Travelers


stencil a518 , Country Stars and Stripes

Country Stars and Stripes


stencil a362l , Footballs



stencil sec40 , Morning Star

Morning Star


stencil qcl155-13 , Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams


stencil qcl2021-13 , Blackbird Silhouette Border

Blackbird Silhouette Border


stencil qcl2035-13 , Angels are Near

Angels are Near


stencil qctf54 , Bethlehem Star Quilt Border

Bethlehem Star Quilt Border


stencil qcl100-07 , Summer Fun

Summer Fun


stencil qcl150-07 , Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon


stencil qctf1 , Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt Border

Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt Border


stencil qctfp7 , Amish Star Quilt

Amish Star Quilt


stencil qctf100 , Star Calico

Star Calico


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