Stencils with Squares

It is hip to be square! A variety of square themed stencils are available, including several allover stencils that are used to create a wallpaper like feel. There are many border designs featuring square and rectangle shapes to choose from as well.

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stencil v8 , Plaster Rough Bricks

Plaster Rough Bricks


stencil r6135l , Large All the Angles

Large All the Angles


stencil r6135m , Medium All the Angles

Medium All the Angles


stencil ds3649 , Contemporary Lattice Wallpaper

Contemporary Lattice Wallpaper


stencil a139s , Greek Key Small

Greek Key Small


stencil sso2020 , Argyle



stencil sso2177 , Gothenburg



stencil sso2119 , Moroccan Accent

Moroccan Accent


stencil sso2118 , Moroccan Border

Moroccan Border


stencil r3080l , Large Linked In

Large Linked In


stencil r3090l , Large Hollywood Squares

Large Hollywood Squares


stencil ys0061 , Lattice



stencil ww72 , Retro Circles

Retro Circles


stencil r3039 , Hip to be Square

Hip to be Square


stencil ds3627 , Square Single Medallion

Square Single Medallion


stencil swp0058 , Square



stencil a917 , Contemporary Chain

Contemporary Chain


stencil a927 , Debbies Diamonds

Debbies Diamonds


stencil a932s , Sheilas Swirls Small

Sheilas Swirls Small


stencil a932xl , Sheilas Swirls XL

Sheilas Swirls XL


stencil a4125 , Faux Diamonds

Faux Diamonds


stencil a4244s , Interlocking Rectangles Small

Interlocking Rectangles Small


stencil a4244l , Interlocking Rectangles Large

Interlocking Rectangles Large


stencil ww16 , Faux Stitches

Faux Stitches


stencil a930 , Amber's Room

Amber's Room


stencil sec12 , Checks



stencil qcp233 , 10

10" Checkerboard


stencil qcp297 , Southwestern Design

Southwestern Design


stencil qcp83 , 5

5" Checkerboard


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