Stencils with Scrolls

Scroll designs are a classic motif. They can be used as room borders and also in allover stenciling that can be used like wallpaper to paint an entire wall.

Several of these designs can be used with stencil paste to create three dimensional designs. Any stencil that is 10mils thick or greater can be used in raised or dimensional stenciling.

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stencil v24 , Plaster Bella Border

Plaster Bella Border


stencil v25 , Plaster Katherine Border

Plaster Katherine Border


stencil v26 , Plaster Bradford Frieze

Plaster Bradford Frieze


stencil v10 , Belinda Molding

Belinda Molding


stencil ds8008e , Italian Scroll Embossing

Italian Scroll Embossing


stencil ds3655 , Lavender Scallop

Lavender Scallop


stencil ah111 , Mini Historical Catherine Stencil

Mini Historical Catherine Stencil


stencil ah112 , Mini Historical

Mini Historical


stencil sso2078e , Georginian Accent

Georginian Accent


stencil sas0116 , Victorian Baroque Accent

Victorian Baroque Accent


stencil sso2078 , Georginian Accent

Georginian Accent


stencil r3088l , Large Acanthus Trellis

Large Acanthus Trellis


stencil ds3651 , Nouveau Florentine Stripe

Nouveau Florentine Stripe


stencil v9 , Barrington Frieze

Barrington Frieze


stencil r2028 , Flowing Floral Border

Flowing Floral Border


stencil sso2028 , Leaf Scroll

Leaf Scroll


stencil ww71 , Retro Chain

Retro Chain


stencil r515 , Palazzo Scroll Border

Palazzo Scroll Border


stencil r971l , Large Sophistiscroll

Large Sophistiscroll


stencil r805l , Large Shell Onlay

Large Shell Onlay


stencil r2031 , Scrolling Shell

Scrolling Shell


stencil shv0116s , Victorian Baroque Border Large

Victorian Baroque Border Large


stencil rst102 , Fleur  de Lis Scroll

Fleur de Lis Scroll


stencil r3055 , Arabesque Ceiling Center

Arabesque Ceiling Center


stencil sso2030 , Fleur Scroll

Fleur Scroll


stencil r704 , Its Greek To Me

Its Greek To Me


stencil r705l , Florentine Grille Large

Florentine Grille Large


stencil r2035 , Villa Border

Villa Border


stencil r2037 , Flourish Border

Flourish Border


stencil r2052 , Chinois Leaves

Chinois Leaves


stencil r3030 , Oriental Vine Allover

Oriental Vine Allover


stencil r3033 , Tailfeathers Allover

Tailfeathers Allover


stencil ds3520 , Small Scroll Border

Small Scroll Border


stencil sec31 , Floral Breeze

Floral Breeze


stencil shv0115 , Spiral Scroll Border

Spiral Scroll Border


stencil swp0117 , Amiens French Heritage

Amiens French Heritage


stencil nv217l , Wrought Iron Corner

Wrought Iron Corner


stencil a4208l , Natashas Scroll Large

Natashas Scroll Large


stencil a4208s , Natashas Scroll Small

Natashas Scroll Small


stencil ds1000 , Flower Scroll

Flower Scroll


stencil ds2320 , Scroll Border

Scroll Border


stencil ds2514 , Leaf Scroll Border

Leaf Scroll Border


stencil ds3418e , Diamond Medallion

Diamond Medallion


stencil ds8017e , Victorian Scroll

Victorian Scroll


stencil ds8018e , Scroll Border

Scroll Border


stencil swp0021 , Scroll Wallpaper

Scroll Wallpaper


stencil ds2902 , Musical Notes Scroll

Musical Notes Scroll


stencil ds3606 , Acanthus Swirl Border

Acanthus Swirl Border


stencil ds3609 , Fleur de Lis Scroll

Fleur de Lis Scroll


stencil ds8023e , Damask Border

Damask Border


stencil ds3386 , V Scroll

V Scroll


stencil swp0046 , Spiral Scroll Wallpaper Stencil

Spiral Scroll Wallpaper Stencil


stencil swp0045 , French Iron

French Iron


stencil swp0053 , Florentine Scroll

Florentine Scroll


stencil a932xl , Sheilas Swirls XL

Sheilas Swirls XL


stencil lr15-607 , Celtic Border

Celtic Border


stencil shv0116 , Victorian Baroque Border

Victorian Baroque Border


stencil stm13 , Scroll Tile

Scroll Tile


stencil sc105 , Venetial Scroll

Venetial Scroll


stencil sc107 , Victorian Valence

Victorian Valence


stencil sc119 , Floral Breeze

Floral Breeze


stencil stm12 , Hibiscus Tile

Hibiscus Tile


stencil swp16 , Filigree



stencil a930 , Amber's Room

Amber's Room


stencil am9 , Mini Traditional

Mini Traditional


stencil a456xl , Acanthus Leaf Extra Large

Acanthus Leaf Extra Large


stencil a456l , Acanthus Leaf

Acanthus Leaf


stencil sec32 , Feather Frieze

Feather Frieze


stencil sec3 , Victorian Valence

Victorian Valence


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