Retro Style Stencils

Old is new again. A variety of cool retro themed stencils are available for adding just the right amount of "groovy" to any room or craft project. Our collection contains shapes, words and designs to create that funky, retro feel.

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stencil sso2020 , Argyle



stencil sso2177 , Gothenburg



stencil sso2150 , Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills


stencil r6109l , Large Chevron

Large Chevron


stencil r3101 , Houndstooth



stencil ww75 , Deluxe Rings n Circles

Deluxe Rings n Circles


stencil dckpolkadot , Polka Dot Power

Polka Dot Power


stencil r3080l , Large Linked In

Large Linked In


stencil ds3647 , Houndstooth



stencil ds3651 , Nouveau Florentine Stripe

Nouveau Florentine Stripe


stencil r3015l , Large Endless Circles

Large Endless Circles


stencil r3090l , Large Hollywood Squares

Large Hollywood Squares


stencil swp0042 , Geometric Medallion

Geometric Medallion


stencil sso2011 , Herringbone



stencil sso2061 , Moroccan



stencil ww11 , Flames Border

Flames Border


stencil ww10 , Retro Circle Set

Retro Circle Set


stencil ds3648 , Peace Overall Design

Peace Overall Design


stencil ww72 , Retro Circles

Retro Circles


stencil sso2036 , Kaleidoscope



stencil ww71 , Retro Chain

Retro Chain


stencil r3039 , Hip to be Square

Hip to be Square


stencil r3040 , Circling Allover

Circling Allover


stencil r3041 , Circling Allover Elements

Circling Allover Elements


stencil qcl165-13 , Funky Flower Border

Funky Flower Border


stencil ds3624 , Spiral Pop Circle Design

Spiral Pop Circle Design


stencil ys0369 , Flower Power

Flower Power


stencil ds3190 , Large Snowflake Flowers

Large Snowflake Flowers


stencil ds3328 , Girly Wording

Girly Wording


stencil ww2 , Dots Galore

Dots Galore


stencil swp0058 , Square



stencil a324l , Sixtys Stuff Large

Sixtys Stuff Large


stencil a373s , Just A Little Zany

Just A Little Zany


stencil a4251 , Java Sunrise

Java Sunrise


stencil ds2867 , Snowflake Flowers

Snowflake Flowers


stencil a329 , Daisy Assortment

Daisy Assortment


stencil a917 , Contemporary Chain

Contemporary Chain


stencil a927 , Debbies Diamonds

Debbies Diamonds


stencil a931s , Chaneys Zig Zag Small

Chaneys Zig Zag Small


stencil a931l , Chaneys Zig Zag Large

Chaneys Zig Zag Large


stencil a932s , Sheilas Swirls Small

Sheilas Swirls Small


stencil a932xl , Sheilas Swirls XL

Sheilas Swirls XL


stencil sc137 , Flower Power Border

Flower Power Border


stencil a4254 , Interlinking Ovals

Interlinking Ovals


stencil a323s , Zoes Daisies Small

Zoes Daisies Small


stencil a4243 , Dots Galore

Dots Galore


stencil a4244s , Interlocking Rectangles Small

Interlocking Rectangles Small


stencil a4244l , Interlocking Rectangles Large

Interlocking Rectangles Large


stencil ds3079 , Flowers and Butterflies

Flowers and Butterflies


stencil ds3106 , Daisy Border Large

Daisy Border Large


stencil ds3580 , Bubbles



stencil aw155 , Love Hope

Love Hope


stencil aw128 , Flowers



stencil nv445 , Daisy Sprinkles

Daisy Sprinkles


stencil a200 , Zany Daisies

Zany Daisies


stencil a324s , Sixtys Stuff Small

Sixtys Stuff Small


stencil a323l , Zoes Daisies

Zoes Daisies


stencil ds3591 , Cascading Bubbles

Cascading Bubbles


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