Rose Stencils

rose stencil rose border stencil example

Roses are a classic flower used on many occassions as gifts and for beauty. Rose stencils are an enduring way to keep roses as a decorating accent year round. These stencils can be used as room borders or individual flowers.

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rose border stencil example

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stencil ds3605 , Chic Roses

Chic Roses


stencil ds2919 , Rose Border

Rose Border


stencil ds1750 , Hosta Mix Border

Hosta Mix Border


stencil ds3317 , Small Hanging Basket

Small Hanging Basket


stencil r7013 , Falling Daisies

Falling Daisies


stencil ds3667e , Chic Rose Border

Chic Rose Border


stencil swp0118 , Antique Rosette

Antique Rosette


stencil v14 , Heritage Center Rose

Heritage Center Rose


stencil v13 , Heritage Rose Border

Heritage Rose Border


stencil r611 , Rose Buddies

Rose Buddies


stencil ds3607 , Patterned Rosette

Patterned Rosette


stencil ds3607e , Embossing Antique Rosette

Embossing Antique Rosette


stencil qcl132-13 , Rose Border

Rose Border


stencil dsw036 , Felicity



stencil ds1707 , Rose Wreath

Rose Wreath


stencil ds1002 , Ten Inch Rose Border

Ten Inch Rose Border


stencil ds1915 , Rose Tree

Rose Tree


stencil dsw013e , Sophies Rose Damask

Sophies Rose Damask


stencil ds3605e , Chic Roses

Chic Roses


stencil ds709 , Corner Rose

Corner Rose


stencil a4107 , Arts and Crafts Rose

Arts and Crafts Rose


stencil ds1873 , Rosebud Vine Small

Rosebud Vine Small


stencil ds714 , 4.5

4.5" Rose Border


stencil ds801 , Rosebud Border

Rosebud Border


stencil a823 , Herbs



stencil swp0044 , Lush Hibiscus

Lush Hibiscus


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