Southwestern Stencils

Our southwestern designs are very popular and can be used in a variety of ways. Borders can be stenciled on your walls at the top, in the middle or even along the baseboard. You could also stencil a coordinating lamp, pillow or curtains to match your favorite wall design.

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stencil a284s , Barbed Wire Small

Barbed Wire Small


stencil a284xl , Barbed Wire Extra Large

Barbed Wire Extra Large


stencil a544s , Canadian Nights

Canadian Nights


stencil ds3171 , Kokopellis



stencil stm0007 , Cowboy Hat and Boot

Cowboy Hat and Boot


stencil a958 , Pueblo Bird Pot

Pueblo Bird Pot


stencil a960 , Southwestern Pot

Southwestern Pot


stencil a4221 , Southwestern Sampler

Southwestern Sampler


stencil a681 , Southwestern Turtle

Southwestern Turtle


stencil a682 , Southwestern Lizard

Southwestern Lizard


stencil ds924 , Cowboys on Horses

Cowboys on Horses


stencil shv0106 , Kokopelli



stencil a652 , Southwestern Border

Southwestern Border


stencil a957l , Kokopelli and Lizard

Kokopelli and Lizard


stencil a950 , Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire


stencil a953m ,         Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers


stencil aw4 , Mini Southwest Chevron

Mini Southwest Chevron


stencil a955 , Hanging Chilis

Hanging Chilis


stencil a823 , Herbs



stencil a661 , Mustangs



stencil a963 , Hummingbirds



stencil sy20 , Petroglyphs



stencil sec40 , Morning Star

Morning Star


stencil a544l , Canadian Nights

Canadian Nights


stencil qcmfp6 , Kokopelli



stencil qcmfp2 , Southwest Bear

Southwest Bear


stencil qcp297 , Southwestern Design

Southwestern Design


stencil qcp533 , Sleeping Amigo

Sleeping Amigo


stencil qcp385 , Wolf moon and Cactus

Wolf moon and Cactus


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