Primitive & Colonial Stencils

Colonial stencils can add a touch of color and design to your home or furnishings. Our collection contains traditional and colonial designs as well as primitive and folk art selections. Walls, cabinets, tables, chairs and lamps can be spruced up with our colorful designs. You might also consider stenciling a decorative rug right on your primitive wood floor. Let your imagination be your guide!

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stencil ds083 , Heart Shaped Flags

Heart Shaped Flags


stencil ds3107b , 5 inch American Flag

5 inch American Flag


stencil ds3107c , 7.5 inch American Flag

7.5 inch American Flag


stencil ww227a , Live Well

Live Well

$32.00 & up

stencil a248l , Nathans Vine

Nathans Vine


stencil a249s , Vine



stencil ah104 , Mini Historical Pineapple

Mini Historical Pineapple


stencil ah105 , Mini Historical Simple Pineapple

Mini Historical Simple Pineapple


stencil ah107 , Mini Historical Balwin Frieze

Mini Historical Balwin Frieze


stencil ah112 , Mini Historical

Mini Historical


stencil ah102 , Mini Moses Eaton II

Mini Moses Eaton II


stencil ds3574 , Antique Wallpaper Stencil

Antique Wallpaper Stencil


stencil ds038 , Leaves and Berries

Leaves and Berries


stencil r968 , Vase and Pearls

Vase and Pearls


stencil r3087s , Small Feathered Damask

Small Feathered Damask


stencil swp0118 , Antique Rosette

Antique Rosette


stencil r802 , Wheat Bundle

Wheat Bundle


stencil r1013l , Large Provence Wheat Bundle

Large Provence Wheat Bundle


stencil r1013s , Small Provence Wheat Bundle

Small Provence Wheat Bundle


stencil r2033 , Renaissance Door Crown

Renaissance Door Crown


stencil r3055 , Arabesque Ceiling Center

Arabesque Ceiling Center


stencil r705l , Florentine Grille Large

Florentine Grille Large


stencil r2035 , Villa Border

Villa Border


stencil ds8036e , Large French Medallion Side

Large French Medallion Side


stencil ds3607e , Embossing Antique Rosette

Embossing Antique Rosette


stencil sas0117 , Amiens French Heritage Accent

Amiens French Heritage Accent


stencil swp0117 , Amiens French Heritage

Amiens French Heritage


stencil a172l , Historical Pineapple Large

Historical Pineapple Large


stencil a184 , Moses Eaton

Moses Eaton


stencil a187 , Williamsburg Border

Williamsburg Border


stencil a167 , Marthas Vine

Marthas Vine


stencil a212 , Balwin Frieze

Balwin Frieze


stencil a214 , Jefferson Frieze

Jefferson Frieze


stencil a226 , Hill Farm Frieze

Hill Farm Frieze


stencil a270s , Pineapple



stencil a4049 , Historical Sampler

Historical Sampler


stencil ds3565e , Hanging Vase Wallpaper

Hanging Vase Wallpaper


stencil ds3566 , Nouveau Florenti

Nouveau Florenti


stencil ys0383l , Star Stencil Large

Star Stencil Large


stencil a260 , Wheat and Ribbon

Wheat and Ribbon


stencil a270l , Williamsburg Pineapple

Williamsburg Pineapple


stencil swp20 , Finial Wallpaper Stencil

Finial Wallpaper Stencil


stencil ds8044e , Toile Wallpaper Stencil

Toile Wallpaper Stencil


stencil lr22-102 , Outhouse Border

Outhouse Border


stencil shv0116 , Victorian Baroque Border

Victorian Baroque Border


stencil sc107 , Victorian Valence

Victorian Valence


stencil a3051 , Folk Art Alphabet

Folk Art Alphabet

$20.00 & up

stencil swp0049 , Floral Punched Tin Wallpaper Stencil

Floral Punched Tin Wallpaper Stencil


stencil a4135 , Cherish Home

Cherish Home


stencil a4134 , Give Thanks

Give Thanks


stencil a4136 , Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings


stencil a4137 , Share Memories

Share Memories


stencil am9 , Mini Traditional

Mini Traditional


stencil a590 , Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender


stencil a151 , Emma's Willow and Swirls

Emma's Willow and Swirls


stencil a171m , Historical Willow Medium

Historical Willow Medium


stencil a171s , Historical Willow Small

Historical Willow Small


stencil a174l , Chicken Ho-Down

Chicken Ho-Down


stencil a518 , Country Stars and Stripes

Country Stars and Stripes


stencil shv10 , Hancock Border

Hancock Border


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