Nautical and Sea Stencils

Nautical themed stencils can be a beautiful and relaxing design theme in your home, office or business. These designs can be used to accentuate walls, furniture, pillows, curtains and much more.

We have designs from treasure chests and sea creatures suitable for a child's room to lighthouses, shore scenes and sailing themes for the home or office.

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stencil ds862b , Small Anchor Border

Small Anchor Border


stencil ww925 , Sail Away Namegram

Sail Away Namegram


stencil ds3534l , Surfboard Chair Rail Large

Surfboard Chair Rail Large


stencil ys49 , Clipper Ships

Clipper Ships


stencil ys328 , Sailing



stencil dse160 , Porthole



stencil dse140 , Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure


stencil ds862a , Large Anchor Border

Large Anchor Border


stencil ds3313 , Plaid Boat Border

Plaid Boat Border


stencil r702m , Medium Shell Elegance

Medium Shell Elegance


stencil r805l , Large Shell Onlay

Large Shell Onlay


stencil dse137 , Crab



stencil ds2611 , Sea Gulls

Sea Gulls


stencil ds3364 , Compass Rose

Compass Rose


stencil ys0362 , Sea Buddies

Sea Buddies


stencil ds1131 , Sailboat Border

Sailboat Border


stencil ys0302 , Lighthouses



stencil sj824 , Coral Sea Garden

Coral Sea Garden


stencil sj825 , Sea Shells

Sea Shells


stencil ds3534 , Surfboard Chair Rail

Surfboard Chair Rail


stencil ww4 , Waves



stencil a599l , I Would Rather Be Up North

I Would Rather Be Up North


stencil a699 , Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport


stencil a694 , Anchors



stencil sp294 , Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light


stencil sd605 , Buoys and Paddle

Buoys and Paddle


stencil sd600 , Porthole Gate and Fence

Porthole Gate and Fence


stencil sd601 , Lighthouse and Terns

Lighthouse and Terns


stencil sd602 , Sailing Border

Sailing Border


stencil sj820 , Lobsters



stencil sj823 , Anchor with Rope

Anchor with Rope


stencil qcl100-07 , Summer Fun

Summer Fun


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