Holiday Stencils

Whether you are preparing for Christmas, and making crafts and gifts, or just getting in the mood for winter, we have a variety of stencils to get you started. Holiday gifts that would look great stenciled could include; glass votives, ornaments, table runners and placemats, wood crafts and much more.

Our project section also contains several holiday themed projects, including one for thanksgiving.

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stencil ds083 , Heart Shaped Flags

Heart Shaped Flags


stencil ds3196 , USA Stars and Stripes

USA Stars and Stripes


stencil ds3197 , Small Waving American Flag

Small Waving American Flag


stencil ww293 , Days til Christmas

Days til Christmas


stencil ww294b , Christmas Word Tree

Christmas Word Tree

$5.00 & up

stencil ds3107b , 5 inch American Flag

5 inch American Flag


stencil ds3107c , 7.5 inch American Flag

7.5 inch American Flag


stencil dsc202 , Valentine Hearts

Valentine Hearts


stencil dsc351 , Contemporary Hearts

Contemporary Hearts


stencil dscs003w , Winterthur Hearts

Winterthur Hearts


stencil dsc785 , Joy Noel Peace Set

Joy Noel Peace Set


stencil dsc168 , Halloween Cookie 1

Halloween Cookie 1


stencil dsc574 , Halloween Cookie Sayings

Halloween Cookie Sayings


stencil dsc575 , Halloween Cookie Witches

Halloween Cookie Witches


stencil dsc793 , Halloween Cookie Monster

Halloween Cookie Monster


stencil dsc234 , Christmas Balls

Christmas Balls


stencil dsc463 , Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings


stencil dsc164 , Christmas Cookie Top

Christmas Cookie Top


stencil dsc385 , Holiday Greetings

Holiday Greetings


stencil ww18 , Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene


stencil r534 , Laurel Leaf Wreath

Laurel Leaf Wreath


stencil ds3500 , Angel



stencil ds1796 , Angel



stencil ds2835 , Melting Snowman Small

Melting Snowman Small


stencil ds2565 , Holly Garland

Holly Garland


stencil ds2986a , Small Poinsettia

Small Poinsettia


stencil ds2986b , Large Poinsettia

Large Poinsettia


stencil ys409 , Pumpkin Carving Set

Pumpkin Carving Set


stencil ys0408 , Build A Snowman

Build A Snowman


stencil a4036 , Scarecrow



stencil a4069 , A Wisconsin Autumn

A Wisconsin Autumn


stencil a4122 , Scarecrow On The Moon

Scarecrow On The Moon


stencil c600 , Flakeys Face

Flakeys Face


stencil aw60 , Scattered Hearts

Scattered Hearts


stencil a4040 , Pinecone Pail Kit

Pinecone Pail Kit


stencil a292m , Snowflake Serenade

Snowflake Serenade


stencil a3026 , Let It Snow Snowman

Let It Snow Snowman


stencil ww62a , Merry Mail

Merry Mail

$8.00 & up

stencil c101 , NOEL Letters

NOEL Letters


stencil c102 , NOEL Letters

NOEL Letters


stencil a4085 , Spideys Web

Spideys Web


stencil a4055 , Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest


stencil a427s , Pumpkin Pals

Pumpkin Pals


stencil a430s , Candy Corn

Candy Corn


stencil a439m , Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat


stencil a4054 , Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


stencil a298s , Northern Santa

Northern Santa


stencil smh3 , Snowflake Snowman

Snowflake Snowman


stencil c100 , All Flakes Welcome

All Flakes Welcome


stencil a4056 , Let It Snow

Let It Snow


stencil a4073 , Holly Bunch

Holly Bunch


stencil a4075 , Holly Accent Border

Holly Accent Border


stencil c100r , All Flakes Welcome Re-usable

All Flakes Welcome Re-usable


stencil a770s , String of Lights

String of Lights


stencil a797 , Nightfall Trees

Nightfall Trees


stencil a3043 , Snow Kids

Snow Kids


stencil a291 , Mini Snowflakes

Mini Snowflakes


stencil a554s , Tree



stencil qcl2035-13 , Angels are Near

Angels are Near


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