Stencils with Food

Kitchen and dining room decorating can be accented with our food related stencils. Stencil the name of your favorite hot beverage along with one of our coffee or tea cup designs for a warm and welcoming kitchen. Chili peppers would add a nice southwestern flair to any kitchen or dining space.

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stencil dsc202 , Valentine Hearts

Valentine Hearts


stencil dsc234 , Christmas Balls

Christmas Balls


stencil v19 , Grapevine Border

Grapevine Border


stencil v18 , Grapevine Arch

Grapevine Arch


stencil v20 , Vertical Grapevine

Vertical Grapevine


stencil ys305 , Plum Vine

Plum Vine


stencil v22 , Cherry Branch

Cherry Branch


stencil v21 , Blueberry Border

Blueberry Border


stencil r802 , Wheat Bundle

Wheat Bundle


stencil r1013l , Large Provence Wheat Bundle

Large Provence Wheat Bundle


stencil r1013s , Small Provence Wheat Bundle

Small Provence Wheat Bundle


stencil r408 , Wine of the Vine

Wine of the Vine


stencil ys0307 , Strawberry Vine

Strawberry Vine


stencil ys0050 , Tea Pots

Tea Pots


stencil ys0021 , Blanches Berries

Blanches Berries


stencil a4036 , Scarecrow



stencil a4251 , Java Sunrise

Java Sunrise


stencil a4246s , Coffee Break Small

Coffee Break Small


stencil a4246l , Coffee Break Large

Coffee Break Large


stencil sas0028 , Espresso



stencil sas0029 , Cappuccino



stencil sas0030 , Cafe



stencil stm05 , Grapes



stencil a269s , Fruit of the Vine

Fruit of the Vine


stencil a953m ,         Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers


stencil a955 , Hanging Chilis

Hanging Chilis


stencil a990l , Latte Moment

Latte Moment


stencil a823 , Herbs



stencil a267s , Italys Bounty

Italys Bounty


stencil qcl144-17 , Grapevine Border

Grapevine Border


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