Lodge / Rustic Stencils

Lodge stencil examplelodge paw print stencil

Rustic lodge stencils are great for projects, a get away cabin, or the corner you use when you wish you had a get away cabin. These stencils include paw prints, canoes, bear, moose, elk, fish and pine trees. Use them as room borders or as accents.

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stencil az41 , Pinecone



stencil a543l , Deer



stencil ds1843 , Moose Silhouette Border

Moose Silhouette Border


stencil a544s , Canadian Nights

Canadian Nights


stencil ds2594 , Moose Silhouette

Moose Silhouette


stencil ds2752 , Bear Silhouette

Bear Silhouette


stencil a619 , Den Leader Helper

Den Leader Helper


stencil a4104 , Mission White Pine

Mission White Pine


stencil a4040 , Pinecone Pail Kit

Pinecone Pail Kit


stencil a510 , Chickadees in Pine

Chickadees in Pine


stencil a636l , Outward Bound

Outward Bound


stencil a521l , Forest Animals W/ Trees

Forest Animals W/ Trees


stencil a511l , Pine Border

Pine Border


stencil a645l , Skunk-Large Paw Prints

Skunk-Large Paw Prints


stencil a610s , Cabin Sampler

Cabin Sampler


stencil a640l , Wolf Paw Print

Wolf Paw Print


stencil a642l , Deer Print

Deer Print


stencil a599l , I Would Rather Be Up North

I Would Rather Be Up North


stencil a646l , Fox Paw Print

Fox Paw Print


stencil az4 , Pine Bough

Pine Bough


stencil a147s , Woodvine and Berries Small

Woodvine and Berries Small


stencil a418s , Birch Haven

Birch Haven


stencil a797 , Nightfall Trees

Nightfall Trees


stencil a554s , Tree



stencil a648l , Raccoon Paw Prints

Raccoon Paw Prints


stencil a649l , Bear Paw Prints

Bear Paw Prints


stencil a631 , Moose and Deer

Moose and Deer


stencil a598 , Lure Stringer

Lure Stringer


stencil a844l , Woodland Solace Large

Woodland Solace Large


stencil a844s , Woodland Solace Small

Woodland Solace Small


stencil a595 , Jills Surprise

Jills Surprise


stencil sp294 , Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light


stencil a544l , Canadian Nights

Canadian Nights


stencil a574 , Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends


stencil a597 , Lures



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