Word & Phrase Stencils for Kids

Word stencils are a great choice for boys and girls as well as teens. They are a great choice for random sprinkling on an accent wall, over a door, on furniture or stenciled onto framed canvases or signboards. Make a statement with our word and letter stencils when you decorate your child's room.

If you don't see what you are looking for, be sure to visit our custom stencils page where you can order any word or phrase in the font and size of your choice!

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stencil ww273a , Todays Forecast Square

Todays Forecast Square

$28.00 & up

stencil ww290a , Baby Block Monogram

Baby Block Monogram

$28.00 & up

stencil ww277a , I See The Moon

I See The Moon

$28.00 & up

stencil ww278a , Such a Big Miracle Boy

Such a Big Miracle Boy

$28.00 & up

stencil dsc574 , Halloween Cookie Sayings

Halloween Cookie Sayings


stencil ww259a , Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit

$28.00 & up

stencil ww258a , Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle

$28.00 & up

stencil ww231a , Family Rules

Family Rules

$28.00 & up

stencil ww228 , Laundry Words Border

Laundry Words Border


stencil ww217a , Teacher Classroom Rules

Teacher Classroom Rules

$28.00 & up

stencil ww925 , Sail Away Namegram

Sail Away Namegram


stencil ww926a , Jeremiah Namegram

Jeremiah Namegram

$28.00 & up

stencil ww924 , Daisy Namegram

Daisy Namegram


stencil ww218a , Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

$28.00 & up

stencil ww923a , Prayer Monogram

Prayer Monogram

$25.00 & up

stencil ww211a , I can do all things

I can do all things

$28.00 & up

stencil ww921 , Personality Namegram

Personality Namegram


stencil ww920 , Jumbo Jet Namegram

Jumbo Jet Namegram


stencil ww210a , Faith, Hope, Love

Faith, Hope, Love

$28.00 & up

stencil ww917 , Sophisticate Monogram

Sophisticate Monogram


stencil ww205a , I Praise You

I Praise You

$28.00 & up

stencil ww916 , Varsity Monogram

Varsity Monogram


stencil ww203a , Now I lay me...

Now I lay me...

$28.00 & up

stencil ww915 , Scallop Monogram

Scallop Monogram


stencil scc0051 , 1 Inch Caslon Alphabet

1 Inch Caslon Alphabet


stencil ww913 , Crown Monogram

Crown Monogram


stencil ww911 , Elegant Monogram

Elegant Monogram


stencil ww7 , Scoreboard



stencil ww906 , Coach Monogram

Coach Monogram


stencil ww927 , Baseball Namegram

Baseball Namegram


stencil ww904 , Bold Monogram

Bold Monogram


stencil ww900 , Petal Monogram

Petal Monogram


stencil ds3319 , Paris Border

Paris Border


stencil ds3328 , Girly Wording

Girly Wording


stencil ds2470 , Juvenile Alphabet

Juvenile Alphabet


stencil ys0338 , Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle


stencil ys0304 , Hand Painted Stencil

Hand Painted Stencil


stencil a4259l , Basketball Word Pack Large

Basketball Word Pack Large


stencil a4260l , Volleyball Word Pack Large

Volleyball Word Pack Large


stencil a4261l , Soccer Word Pack Large

Soccer Word Pack Large


stencil a4262l , Football Word Pack Large

Football Word Pack Large


stencil a3048s , Zany Word Pack Small

Zany Word Pack Small


stencil a4256 , Marching Band Words

Marching Band Words


stencil ds2511 , Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs


stencil ds2561 , I think I can...

I think I can...


stencil ds3155 , I Think I Can Train

I Think I Can Train


stencil scs20 , Sign Language Alphabet

Sign Language Alphabet


stencil a3048l , Zany Word Pack

Zany Word Pack


stencil hh1758 , Splish Splash I'm taking a Bath

Splish Splash I'm taking a Bath


stencil a4175l , Princess



stencil a4152l , Princess Arched

Princess Arched


stencil a645l , Skunk-Large Paw Prints

Skunk-Large Paw Prints


stencil a640l , Wolf Paw Print

Wolf Paw Print


stencil a646l , Fox Paw Print

Fox Paw Print


stencil a439m , Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat


stencil a648l , Raccoon Paw Prints

Raccoon Paw Prints


stencil a649l , Bear Paw Prints

Bear Paw Prints


stencil ww212 , Let The Wise Hear

Let The Wise Hear


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