Sports Stencils for Kids

Decorating in a sports theme is a great way to get your child excited and enthused about participating in sports. Room borders are a great way to add color and fun to any room. If you do not find your sport listed below, please let us know. We will try to accomodate your needs by adding your requested sports theme.

A variety of sports are represented below, including some very unique stencils, like a scoreboard, football monogram or a football field room border.

Click on graphic for details

stencil ds242 , Plane Helicopter Space Shuttle

Plane Helicopter Space Shuttle


stencil ds3534l , Surfboard Chair Rail Large

Surfboard Chair Rail Large


stencil ys49 , Clipper Ships

Clipper Ships


stencil ww13 , Paint Explosion

Paint Explosion


stencil ww7 , Scoreboard



stencil qcl166-13 , Holdem



stencil ww927 , Baseball Namegram

Baseball Namegram


stencil ds486 , Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls


stencil ds1131 , Sailboat Border

Sailboat Border


stencil ds3439 , Skateboarders



stencil ww1 , Football Field Marks

Football Field Marks


stencil a4259l , Basketball Word Pack Large

Basketball Word Pack Large


stencil a4260l , Volleyball Word Pack Large

Volleyball Word Pack Large


stencil a4261l , Soccer Word Pack Large

Soccer Word Pack Large


stencil a4262l , Football Word Pack Large

Football Word Pack Large


stencil ds1340 , Airplanes



stencil ds3534 , Surfboard Chair Rail

Surfboard Chair Rail


stencil ds1204 , Billiards



stencil ds1189 , Karate



stencil ds1264 , Ballet Dancers

Ballet Dancers


stencil ds1874 , Hockey Border

Hockey Border


stencil ds1925 , Lacrosse



stencil ds1237 , 3 Hockey Players

3 Hockey Players


stencil lr15-510-1 , Dalmatian Puppy

Dalmatian Puppy


stencil qctf50 , Tiretrack



stencil ww907 , Football Monogram

Football Monogram


stencil qctf24 , Raceway Border

Raceway Border


stencil a361 , Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls


stencil a363 , Basketballs



stencil a362l , Footballs



stencil a597 , Lures



stencil qcl2006-07 , Skateboarder



stencil qcl2007-07 , Skateboarder



stencil qcl2008-07 , Rollerblader



stencil qcl2043-17 , Skateboard and Scooter Border

Skateboard and Scooter Border


stencil qctf110 , Racecar Calico

Racecar Calico


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