Shapes Stencils for Kids

Circles, clouds, squares and paint splatters are just a few of the shapes that we offer. Alternating patterns and colors can turn a drab room into a spectacular masterpiece. If you think stenciling all four walls is a bit overwheming, you can tone down the mood by stenciling an a single wall along with coordinating stenciled curtains and pillows. Stenciling is inexpensive and a fun way to decorate!

Be sure to check out our client photo gallery for additional decorating inspiration.

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stencil ww258a , Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle

$28.00 & up

stencil ds862b , Small Anchor Border

Small Anchor Border


stencil sso2020 , Argyle



stencil r6109l , Large Chevron

Large Chevron


stencil ww75 , Deluxe Rings n Circles

Deluxe Rings n Circles


stencil ww17 ,  Large Circles Border

Large Circles Border


stencil ds3668 , Musical Notes Border

Musical Notes Border


stencil dckpolkadot , Polka Dot Power

Polka Dot Power


stencil ds3553 , Circle Border

Circle Border


stencil v11 , Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Clouds


stencil ww11 , Flames Border

Flames Border


stencil ww9 , Puzzle Mania

Puzzle Mania


stencil ww912 , Bubbles Namegram

Bubbles Namegram


stencil ds3648 , Peace Overall Design

Peace Overall Design


stencil ww72 , Retro Circles

Retro Circles


stencil dse116l , Happy Sun Large

Happy Sun Large


stencil ww71 , Retro Chain

Retro Chain


stencil r3039 , Hip to be Square

Hip to be Square


stencil r3040 , Circling Allover

Circling Allover


stencil r3041 , Circling Allover Elements

Circling Allover Elements


stencil qcl166-13 , Holdem



stencil dckclouds , Classic Clouds

Classic Clouds


stencil ds105 , Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon


stencil ds478 , Clouds



stencil ds588 , Musical Notes

Musical Notes


stencil ds3627 , Square Single Medallion

Square Single Medallion


stencil ys0362 , Sea Buddies

Sea Buddies


stencil ww2 , Dots Galore

Dots Galore


stencil swp0058 , Square



stencil a324l , Sixtys Stuff Large

Sixtys Stuff Large


stencil a4154 , Assorted Circles

Assorted Circles


stencil shv90 , Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine


stencil ds3596 , Bubble Stripe

Bubble Stripe


stencil swp0201 , Large Dots

Large Dots


stencil a4153s , Small Dots Border

Small Dots Border


stencil a4254 , Interlinking Ovals

Interlinking Ovals


stencil a4244s , Interlocking Rectangles Small

Interlocking Rectangles Small


stencil a4244l , Interlocking Rectangles Large

Interlocking Rectangles Large


stencil a4245 , Musical Notes

Musical Notes


stencil ds3186 , VW Bugs

VW Bugs


stencil ds3580 , Bubbles



stencil c204 , Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust


stencil aw60 , Scattered Hearts

Scattered Hearts


stencil c207 , Ric Rac

Ric Rac


stencil swp57 , Polka Dots

Polka Dots


stencil ww16 , Faux Stitches

Faux Stitches


stencil swp07 , Starfield



stencil a200 , Zany Daisies

Zany Daisies


stencil a4153l , Dots Border

Dots Border


stencil a933 , Starstruck



stencil a323l , Zoes Daisies

Zoes Daisies


stencil qcl155-13 , Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams


stencil qcl150-07 , Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon


stencil qcp233 , 10

10" Checkerboard


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