Animal & Insect Stencils for Kids

Animals and insects are always a hit with kids - perfect for home or school. Choose a border design or a single design to accent your walls, furniture or accessories. Spot accents stenciled on sheers, curtains or pillows are a great way to decorate your child's room. Our collections include a variety of insects and animals, from jungle to zoo to backyard varieties. If you do not see the animal or insect you are looking for, please contact us.

See our Gallery Pictures for more ideas for stenciling animals and insects.

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stencil ds1052r , Safari with Alligator

Safari with Alligator


stencil ds3681 , Jungle Animals

Jungle Animals


stencil ds2366 , Noahs Ark

Noahs Ark


stencil ds2976 , Bears Zebras Rhinos

Bears Zebras Rhinos


stencil ds2977 , Peguins and Turtles

Peguins and Turtles


stencil ds2064 , Three Birds

Three Birds


stencil dse207 , Tucker Turtle

Tucker Turtle


stencil ds3228 , Monkey



stencil ds3551 , Small Hanging Monkey

Small Hanging Monkey


stencil a974m , Felix Flutterly

Felix Flutterly


stencil a635l , Deer Large

Deer Large


stencil a543l , Deer



stencil ds2693 , Butterfly Border with Vine

Butterfly Border with Vine


stencil a4250l , Penguin Parade Large

Penguin Parade Large


stencil dck1026 , Bugs and Blossoms

Bugs and Blossoms


stencil dck1028 , Under the Sea

Under the Sea


stencil dck1055 , Forest Friends

Forest Friends


stencil dck103s , Wild Jungle Safari

Wild Jungle Safari


stencil ds3532 , Whimsical Flowers Medium

Whimsical Flowers Medium


stencil ys0330 , Rufus and Friends

Rufus and Friends


stencil ys336 , Safari



stencil ww8 , Meadow Silhouette

Meadow Silhouette


stencil ds3188 , Lamb Border

Lamb Border


stencil dse137 , Crab



stencil ds2594 , Moose Silhouette

Moose Silhouette


stencil ds2752 , Bear Silhouette

Bear Silhouette


stencil ww3 , Nursery Animal Silhouette

Nursery Animal Silhouette


stencil ds2761 , Animal Silhouette

Animal Silhouette


stencil ds1119 , 4 Horses

4 Horses


stencil ys0091 , Something Fishy

Something Fishy


stencil ys0073 , Noahs Ark

Noahs Ark


stencil ys0369 , Flower Power

Flower Power


stencil ds3316 , Butterfly Wallpaper

Butterfly Wallpaper


stencil ds2469 , Iguana and Butterfly

Iguana and Butterfly


stencil ds2632 , Small Baby Zebra

Small Baby Zebra


stencil ds2634 , Giraffe Mom

Giraffe Mom


stencil ds2635r , Elephant with Baby

Elephant with Baby


stencil ys0338 , Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle


stencil ys0337 , Jungle



stencil a565l , Swallowtail Butterfly-Large

Swallowtail Butterfly-Large


stencil a976l , Flora Flutter

Flora Flutter


stencil a890 , Monique The Monarch

Monique The Monarch


stencil a974l , Felix Flutterfly

Felix Flutterfly


stencil swp0062 , Whimsical Critters

Whimsical Critters


stencil a424l , Barnyard Parade

Barnyard Parade


stencil a4247s , Monkey Business Small

Monkey Business Small


stencil a4247l , Monkey Business Large

Monkey Business Large


stencil a4250s , Penguin Parade Small

Penguin Parade Small


stencil aw237 , Swimming Duckies

Swimming Duckies


stencil ds1846 , Bug Border

Bug Border


stencil ds3079 , Flowers and Butterflies

Flowers and Butterflies


stencil lr15-510 , Dalmatians



stencil lr15-510-1 , Dalmatian Puppy

Dalmatian Puppy


stencil nv112s , Small Prince Charming

Small Prince Charming


stencil nv128 , Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny


stencil c300 , Doggy Paw Prints

Doggy Paw Prints


stencil sy13 , Flutterbies



stencil a971s , Ladybug Dance Small

Ladybug Dance Small


stencil a975s , Busy Bee Travels

Busy Bee Travels


stencil a4172 , Fishy Fun

Fishy Fun


stencil a971l , Ladybug Dance Large

Ladybug Dance Large


stencil a645l , Skunk-Large Paw Prints

Skunk-Large Paw Prints


stencil a4085 , Spideys Web

Spideys Web


stencil a640l , Wolf Paw Print

Wolf Paw Print


stencil a646l , Fox Paw Print

Fox Paw Print


stencil a281s , Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon


stencil sd612 , Monkey



stencil a330 , Teddy Bear Love

Teddy Bear Love


stencil a975l , Busy Bee Travels

Busy Bee Travels


stencil a648l , Raccoon Paw Prints

Raccoon Paw Prints


stencil a649l , Bear Paw Prints

Bear Paw Prints


stencil a661 , Mustangs



stencil a394m , Paw Prints

Paw Prints


stencil a327 , Everythings Ducky

Everythings Ducky


stencil a321 , Duckys Bubble Bath

Duckys Bubble Bath


stencil qcl143-17 , Animal Border

Animal Border


stencil qcl157-17 , Dinosaurs



stencil qcl2037-17 , Rooster



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