Fish Stencils

fish stencil exampleFish stencils are available in room borders and mural sizes as well as accent sizes for craft projects and other accessories. They are perfect for bathrooms and for the fisherman in your life. We also have a complete undersea mural stencil.

Broaden your fish search and see all of our nautical room border stencils as well as our sea worthy craft stencils.

Be sure to also search our online stencil catalog for other great stencil designs and products.

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stencil ww286 , Everybody Is A Genius

Everybody Is A Genius


stencil ds1843 , Moose Silhouette Border

Moose Silhouette Border


stencil dck1028 , Under the Sea

Under the Sea


stencil dse179 , Clown Fish

Clown Fish


stencil dse181 , Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle


stencil ys0091 , Something Fishy

Something Fishy


stencil ys0362 , Sea Buddies

Sea Buddies


stencil sj826 , All Manner of Fish

All Manner of Fish


stencil a4172 , Fishy Fun

Fishy Fun


stencil a598 , Lure Stringer

Lure Stringer


stencil a351 , Dolphin Flip

Dolphin Flip


stencil sj819 , Seahorse Family

Seahorse Family


stencil sj818 , Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish


stencil sj817 , Pond Life

Pond Life


stencil a597 , Lures



stencil qcl100-07 , Summer Fun

Summer Fun


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