Damask Stencils

Damasks bring an air of sophistication and elegance to any room. Our damask collection contains borders, allover designs or single accents - beautiful ways to enhance a nursery, bedroom, living room or office.

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stencil ww928a , Damask Wedding Monogram

Damask Wedding Monogram

$28.00 & up

stencil r824l , Brocade Border Large

Brocade Border Large


stencil ds3689e , Petite Antique Wallpaper

Petite Antique Wallpaper


stencil ds3560 , Floral Spray

Floral Spray


stencil sso2078e , Georginian Accent

Georginian Accent


stencil sas0116 , Victorian Baroque Accent

Victorian Baroque Accent


stencil sso2078 , Georginian Accent

Georginian Accent


stencil ds8008 , Italian Shell Border Large

Italian Shell Border Large


stencil ds3667e , Chic Rose Border

Chic Rose Border


stencil r5000 , Encantada Damask

Encantada Damask


stencil ww74 , Floral Blossom

Floral Blossom


stencil ds3651 , Nouveau Florentine Stripe

Nouveau Florentine Stripe


stencil r2085 , Florentine Damask

Florentine Damask


stencil r968 , Vase and Pearls

Vase and Pearls


stencil r3089 , Serenity Damask

Serenity Damask


stencil r724s , Small Fabric Damask

Small Fabric Damask


stencil r2055 , Elegancia Allover

Elegancia Allover


stencil r3087s , Small Feathered Damask

Small Feathered Damask


stencil r2066 , Ornamental Cartouche

Ornamental Cartouche


stencil r724l , Large Fabric Damask

Large Fabric Damask


stencil r2067 , Ornamental Flower

Ornamental Flower


stencil r2062 , Foliate Damask

Foliate Damask


stencil r2061l , Large Acanthus Damask

Large Acanthus Damask


stencil swp0070 , Floral Damask

Floral Damask


stencil shv0116s , Victorian Baroque Border Large

Victorian Baroque Border Large


stencil r2033 , Renaissance Door Crown

Renaissance Door Crown


stencil r3055 , Arabesque Ceiling Center

Arabesque Ceiling Center


stencil r705l , Florentine Grille Large

Florentine Grille Large


stencil ds3607 , Patterned Rosette

Patterned Rosette


stencil ds3607e , Embossing Antique Rosette

Embossing Antique Rosette


stencil sso2015 , Victorian Damask Wallpaper

Victorian Damask Wallpaper


stencil ds3485 , Small Damask Border

Small Damask Border


stencil ds8023e , Damask Border

Damask Border


stencil ds3621 , Tulip Wallpaper Design

Tulip Wallpaper Design


stencil ds3565e , Hanging Vase Wallpaper

Hanging Vase Wallpaper


stencil dsw013e , Sophies Rose Damask

Sophies Rose Damask


stencil ds3566 , Nouveau Florenti

Nouveau Florenti


stencil shv0110 , Antique Tulip

Antique Tulip


stencil shv0116 , Victorian Baroque Border

Victorian Baroque Border


stencil swp11 , Damask



stencil sy23 , Victorian Border

Victorian Border


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