Butterfly Stencils

butterfly border stencil examplebutterfly stencil

Butterflies are a colorful addition to any wall. Each of the many butterfly stencils below comes with color suggestions, but can be painted in any color combination you wish. They are great as an accent to a mural, or as a room border.

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stencil a974m , Felix Flutterly

Felix Flutterly


stencil ds2693 , Butterfly Border with Vine

Butterfly Border with Vine


stencil ds3532 , Whimsical Flowers Medium

Whimsical Flowers Medium


stencil qcl160-13 , Butterfly Border

Butterfly Border


stencil ds3316 , Butterfly Wallpaper

Butterfly Wallpaper


stencil ds2469 , Iguana and Butterfly

Iguana and Butterfly


stencil a565l , Swallowtail Butterfly-Large

Swallowtail Butterfly-Large


stencil a976l , Flora Flutter

Flora Flutter


stencil a890 , Monique The Monarch

Monique The Monarch


stencil a974l , Felix Flutterfly

Felix Flutterfly


stencil swp0062 , Whimsical Critters

Whimsical Critters


stencil sd403 , Butterfly House

Butterfly House


stencil a371s , Zany Flowers Small

Zany Flowers Small


stencil a371l , Zany Flowers Large

Zany Flowers Large


stencil ds1846 , Bug Border

Bug Border


stencil ds3079 , Flowers and Butterflies

Flowers and Butterflies


stencil lr15-541 , Bugs and Butterflies

Bugs and Butterflies


stencil sy13 , Flutterbies



stencil a993 , Enchantment



stencil sd619 , Critters



stencil sj322 , Flower Patch Border

Flower Patch Border


stencil sj816 , Turtle March

Turtle March


stencil qcl2009-07 , Butterflies



stencil qcl2010-07 , Bugs



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