Stencils with Branches

Branch stencils are the perfect way to create a restful ambiance. A tree blossoming in the corner of a nursery or living room, a pine branch border along a chair rail help to create a refreshing peaceful mood. From primitive, to rustic lodge, to french country, and traditional floral themes, our branch stencils collection is sure to contain a design to suit your decorating theme.

To view some of ways in which our clients have used our branch stencils, please visit our Gallery Pictures.

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stencil az41 , Pinecone



stencil a622m , Woodland Berries Medium

Woodland Berries Medium


stencil a756 , Ivy & Berries

Ivy & Berries


stencil a810 , Grapes Border

Grapes Border


stencil nv408b , Vine Sprigs

Vine Sprigs


stencil ww227a , Live Well

Live Well

$32.00 & up

stencil a248l , Nathans Vine

Nathans Vine


stencil ds1284 , Dogwood with Birds

Dogwood with Birds


stencil ds1147 , Large Potted Palm

Large Potted Palm


stencil ds1750 , Hosta Mix Border

Hosta Mix Border


stencil ds2076 , Lilac Branch Border

Lilac Branch Border


stencil ds2490 , Lilac Branch

Lilac Branch


stencil v5 , Plaster Pine Branch and Mold

Plaster Pine Branch and Mold


stencil v18 , Grapevine Arch

Grapevine Arch


stencil r304 , Free Form Lilacs

Free Form Lilacs


stencil v4 , Free Form Willow Tree

Free Form Willow Tree


stencil v22 , Cherry Branch

Cherry Branch


stencil v2 , Aspen Tree

Aspen Tree


stencil r802 , Wheat Bundle

Wheat Bundle


stencil r1013l , Large Provence Wheat Bundle

Large Provence Wheat Bundle


stencil r1013s , Small Provence Wheat Bundle

Small Provence Wheat Bundle


stencil ds1731 , Floral Branch

Floral Branch


stencil r410 , Autumn Leaves Border

Autumn Leaves Border


stencil r607 , Small Crossed Garland

Small Crossed Garland


stencil r719 , Fleur de Lis Garland

Fleur de Lis Garland


stencil nv217l , Wrought Iron Corner

Wrought Iron Corner


stencil nv408a , Vine Sprigs

Vine Sprigs


stencil ds995 , Fern Leaves

Fern Leaves


stencil ds1144 , Horizontal Fern

Horizontal Fern


stencil ds8022e , Fern Border

Fern Border


stencil ys0367 , French Toile

French Toile


stencil ys0337 , Jungle



stencil a583 , Cherry Branch

Cherry Branch


stencil a4176 , Sticks and Berries

Sticks and Berries


stencil ds3299 , Dogwood Branch

Dogwood Branch


stencil a4104 , Mission White Pine

Mission White Pine


stencil ds2866 , Winterberry



stencil ds3300 , Magnolia Branch

Magnolia Branch


stencil ds3253 , Egg Basket/Winterberry Large

Egg Basket/Winterberry Large


stencil a571 , Chickadee Retreat

Chickadee Retreat


stencil a4173s , Leafy Fronds Small

Leafy Fronds Small


stencil a4173l , Leafy Fronds Large

Leafy Fronds Large


stencil az1 , Fern



stencil a510 , Chickadees in Pine

Chickadees in Pine


stencil a4121 , Twigs and Leaves

Twigs and Leaves


stencil az6 , Aspen Branch

Aspen Branch


stencil az5 , Woodland Solace

Woodland Solace


stencil az8 , Lilac Vine

Lilac Vine


stencil a511l , Pine Border

Pine Border


stencil az4 , Pine Bough

Pine Bough


stencil a418s , Birch Haven

Birch Haven


stencil sd616 , Branch 1

Branch 1


stencil sd609 , Branch 2

Branch 2


stencil sd624 , Tree Trunks  w/vines

Tree Trunks w/vines


stencil a537 , Pine Branch

Pine Branch


stencil a844l , Woodland Solace Large

Woodland Solace Large


stencil a844s , Woodland Solace Small

Woodland Solace Small


stencil a784l , Nancys Retreat

Nancys Retreat


stencil sb5 , Berry Branch

Berry Branch


stencil sp281 , Tuscan Olive Frieze

Tuscan Olive Frieze


stencil a574 , Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends


stencil sd75 , Touch of France

Touch of France


stencil sd35 , Elegant Ivy

Elegant Ivy


stencil sd36 , Ivy Trellis

Ivy Trellis


stencil sj203 , Berry Border

Berry Border


stencil sj435 , Great Winterberries

Great Winterberries


stencil sj810 , Honeysuckle Vine

Honeysuckle Vine


stencil sj811 , Chickadees and Nest

Chickadees and Nest


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