Stencils with Berries

Stencils with berries and vines are a beautiful way to bring a bit of nature indoors. Our berry borders come in primitive, traditional, contemporary and holiday style themes. Around doorways, along chair rails, decorative accents on furniture and pillows are just some of the ways berry stencils can be used to brighten your home or office.

Inspiration can also be found in our Gallery pages, where clients have sent in pictures of how they have used some of our stencils, including many berry stencils.

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stencil a622m , Woodland Berries Medium

Woodland Berries Medium


stencil a756 , Ivy & Berries

Ivy & Berries


stencil a810 , Grapes Border

Grapes Border


stencil a248l , Nathans Vine

Nathans Vine


stencil ds038 , Leaves and Berries

Leaves and Berries


stencil v22 , Cherry Branch

Cherry Branch


stencil v21 , Blueberry Border

Blueberry Border


stencil r410 , Autumn Leaves Border

Autumn Leaves Border


stencil r411 , Scattered Autumn Leaves

Scattered Autumn Leaves


stencil r607 , Small Crossed Garland

Small Crossed Garland


stencil r408 , Wine of the Vine

Wine of the Vine


stencil r3034l , Large Berry Romantic

Large Berry Romantic


stencil ds2565 , Holly Garland

Holly Garland


stencil ys0307 , Strawberry Vine

Strawberry Vine


stencil ys0021 , Blanches Berries

Blanches Berries


stencil a812 , Blueberries



stencil a4176 , Sticks and Berries

Sticks and Berries


stencil ds2866 , Winterberry



stencil ds3470 , Winterberry Branch Small

Winterberry Branch Small


stencil ds3479 , Egg Basket Winterberry Small

Egg Basket Winterberry Small


stencil ds3592 , Egg Basket Winterberry Medium

Egg Basket Winterberry Medium


stencil ds3253 , Egg Basket/Winterberry Large

Egg Basket/Winterberry Large


stencil sc109 , Grapevine



stencil v28 , Freestyle Grapes Border

Freestyle Grapes Border


stencil a266l , Cassioppeias Vineyard

Cassioppeias Vineyard


stencil a269s , Fruit of the Vine

Fruit of the Vine


stencil a4121 , Twigs and Leaves

Twigs and Leaves


stencil a622l , Woodland Berries

Woodland Berries


stencil a147s , Woodvine and Berries Small

Woodvine and Berries Small


stencil a147l , Woodvine and Berries Large

Woodvine and Berries Large


stencil a4073 , Holly Bunch

Holly Bunch


stencil a4075 , Holly Accent Border

Holly Accent Border


stencil a471 , Emilys Fancy

Emilys Fancy


stencil a267s , Italys Bounty

Italys Bounty


stencil sb5 , Berry Branch

Berry Branch


stencil sj203 , Berry Border

Berry Border


stencil sj435 , Great Winterberries

Great Winterberries


stencil qcl144-17 , Grapevine Border

Grapevine Border


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