Oriental / Asian Stencils

Oriental stencil exampleoriental asian welcome stencil

Add an oriental flair to your decorating. The following asian stencils make great accents for craft projects, around the house and as a room border. These oriental stencils include both symbols and english characters.

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stencil a283l , Chinese Characters Large

Chinese Characters Large


stencil ds8044e , Toile Wallpaper Stencil

Toile Wallpaper Stencil


stencil a282l , Longevity Large

Longevity Large


stencil a282s , Longevity Small

Longevity Small


stencil a283m , Chinese Characters Medium

Chinese Characters Medium


stencil a281s , Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon


stencil scl27 , Good Luck

Good Luck


stencil scl21 , Welcome



stencil scl29 , Energy



stencil scl24 , Eternal



stencil scl26 , Kindness



stencil scl25 , Friend



stencil a138 , Asian Influence

Asian Influence


stencil scl1 , Peace



stencil scl2 , Beautiful



stencil scl5 , Home



stencil scl7 , Forever



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