Fish and Sea Animal Stencils

Tropical fish, turtles and more are found in our Sea Life stencil category. A beautiful mural can be created in your child's room with our beautiful designs. Simply create the ocean on your wall or walls with some blue/blue green paint, then place these colorful creatures wherever you like.

Be sure to also check out our sea mural.

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stencil a4250l , Penguin Parade Large

Penguin Parade Large


stencil dse137 , Crab



stencil dse179 , Clown Fish

Clown Fish


stencil dse181 , Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle


stencil ys0091 , Something Fishy

Something Fishy


stencil ys0362 , Sea Buddies

Sea Buddies


stencil sj826 , All Manner of Fish

All Manner of Fish


stencil a4172 , Fishy Fun

Fishy Fun


stencil a598 , Lure Stringer

Lure Stringer


stencil a351 , Dolphin Flip

Dolphin Flip


stencil sj819 , Seahorse Family

Seahorse Family


stencil sj818 , Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish


stencil sd601 , Lighthouse and Terns

Lighthouse and Terns


stencil sj817 , Pond Life

Pond Life


stencil sp289 , Shorebirds



stencil sj820 , Lobsters



stencil sj821 , Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles


stencil a597 , Lures



stencil qcl100-07 , Summer Fun

Summer Fun


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