Forest Animal Stencils

Woodland animal stencils are so cute and easy to use. We have a variety animals and motifs to choose from. Rabbits, birds, butterflies, deer, bears and more. These designs would look great in a child's room as part of a mural or in a cabin or country themed home.

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stencil ys85 , Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View


stencil ds2064 , Three Birds

Three Birds


stencil dse114 , Tweety Birds

Tweety Birds


stencil dse207 , Tucker Turtle

Tucker Turtle


stencil a635l , Deer Large

Deer Large


stencil a543l , Deer



stencil ds1284 , Dogwood with Birds

Dogwood with Birds


stencil a546l , Baying Wolf with Pine Large

Baying Wolf with Pine Large


stencil ds1843 , Moose Silhouette Border

Moose Silhouette Border


stencil dck1055 , Forest Friends

Forest Friends


stencil dck103s , Wild Jungle Safari

Wild Jungle Safari


stencil a544s , Canadian Nights

Canadian Nights


stencil ww8 , Meadow Silhouette

Meadow Silhouette


stencil ds2594 , Moose Silhouette

Moose Silhouette


stencil ds2611 , Sea Gulls

Sea Gulls


stencil ds2752 , Bear Silhouette

Bear Silhouette


stencil nv149 , Lovely Doves

Lovely Doves


stencil ys0073 , Noahs Ark

Noahs Ark


stencil ds3465 , Whimsical Animals

Whimsical Animals


stencil ys0367 , French Toile

French Toile


stencil a565l , Swallowtail Butterfly-Large

Swallowtail Butterfly-Large


stencil a890 , Monique The Monarch

Monique The Monarch


stencil a619 , Den Leader Helper

Den Leader Helper


stencil aw237 , Swimming Duckies

Swimming Duckies


stencil a600l , Hummingbird Temptation Large

Hummingbird Temptation Large


stencil nv100 , Little Fieldmouse

Little Fieldmouse


stencil nv112s , Small Prince Charming

Small Prince Charming


stencil nv128 , Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny


stencil a571 , Chickadee Retreat

Chickadee Retreat


stencil a510 , Chickadees in Pine

Chickadees in Pine


stencil a521l , Forest Animals W/ Trees

Forest Animals W/ Trees


stencil a645l , Skunk-Large Paw Prints

Skunk-Large Paw Prints


stencil a640l , Wolf Paw Print

Wolf Paw Print


stencil a642l , Deer Print

Deer Print


stencil a646l , Fox Paw Print

Fox Paw Print


stencil a648l , Raccoon Paw Prints

Raccoon Paw Prints


stencil a649l , Bear Paw Prints

Bear Paw Prints


stencil a631 , Moose and Deer

Moose and Deer


stencil a600s , Hummingbird Temptation Small

Hummingbird Temptation Small


stencil a963 , Hummingbirds



stencil sy20 , Petroglyphs



stencil a574 , Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends


stencil a327 , Everythings Ducky

Everythings Ducky


stencil sd411 , Butterflies, Bees, Bluebird, Chipmunk

Butterflies, Bees, Bluebird, Chipmunk


stencil sj815 , Romping Rabbits

Romping Rabbits


stencil sj817 , Pond Life

Pond Life


stencil sj811 , Chickadees and Nest

Chickadees and Nest


stencil qcl2021-13 , Blackbird Silhouette Border

Blackbird Silhouette Border


stencil qcp385 , Wolf moon and Cactus

Wolf moon and Cactus


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