Allover Shape Stencils

Allover shape stencils are perfect for simulating wallpaper at a fraction of the cost. Many of our designs, such as our harlequin, Spiral Scroll or Hip to be Square, simulate beautiful wallpaper. Other designs, such as our Geometric Medallion, Large Dots and Retro Circles are perfect for larger accent designs.

Circles, Squares and Clouds shape stencils are our best sellers.

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stencil r6202l , Large Sultan Swirl

Large Sultan Swirl


stencil ds3693 , Contemporary Circles

Contemporary Circles


stencil r6109m , Medium Chevron

Medium Chevron


stencil r6135l , Large All the Angles

Large All the Angles


stencil r6135m , Medium All the Angles

Medium All the Angles


stencil ds3649 , Contemporary Lattice Wallpaper

Contemporary Lattice Wallpaper


stencil r3025 , Endless Circles Lattice

Endless Circles Lattice


stencil sso2020 , Argyle



stencil sso2177 , Gothenburg



stencil sso2150 , Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills


stencil r6109l , Large Chevron

Large Chevron


stencil r3101 , Houndstooth



stencil ww75 , Deluxe Rings n Circles

Deluxe Rings n Circles


stencil r6002 , African Wave

African Wave


stencil r3080l , Large Linked In

Large Linked In


stencil ds3647 , Houndstooth



stencil r3015l , Large Endless Circles

Large Endless Circles


stencil ww13 , Paint Explosion

Paint Explosion


stencil swp0042 , Geometric Medallion

Geometric Medallion


stencil sso2061 , Moroccan



stencil ww10 , Retro Circle Set

Retro Circle Set


stencil sso2036 , Kaleidoscope



stencil sso2030 , Fleur Scroll

Fleur Scroll


stencil sso2035 , Swiss Dot

Swiss Dot


stencil ww70 , Daisies Wallpaper Stencil

Daisies Wallpaper Stencil


stencil r3039 , Hip to be Square

Hip to be Square


stencil r3040 , Circling Allover

Circling Allover


stencil r3041 , Circling Allover Elements

Circling Allover Elements


stencil rmmst300 , Endless Circles

Endless Circles


stencil swp0117 , Amiens French Heritage

Amiens French Heritage


stencil ds3624 , Spiral Pop Circle Design

Spiral Pop Circle Design


stencil swp0046 , Spiral Scroll Wallpaper Stencil

Spiral Scroll Wallpaper Stencil


stencil swp0002 , Large Lattice

Large Lattice


stencil swp0116 , Victorian Baroque

Victorian Baroque


stencil swp0062 , Whimsical Critters

Whimsical Critters


stencil swp0058 , Square



stencil swp0053 , Florentine Scroll

Florentine Scroll


stencil a4154 , Assorted Circles

Assorted Circles


stencil swp0201 , Large Dots

Large Dots


stencil ds3580 , Bubbles



stencil swp50 , Avant-Garde Paisley

Avant-Garde Paisley


stencil swp57 , Polka Dots

Polka Dots


stencil swp16 , Filigree



stencil swp05 , Harlequin



stencil swp22 , Palm Tree Wallpaper Stencil

Palm Tree Wallpaper Stencil


stencil swp07 , Starfield



stencil swp17 , Large Harlequin Wallpaper Stencil

Large Harlequin Wallpaper Stencil


stencil swp09 , Fleur de Lis Wallpaper Stencil

Fleur de Lis Wallpaper Stencil


stencil swp0049 , Floral Punched Tin Wallpaper Stencil

Floral Punched Tin Wallpaper Stencil


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