Floral Allover Stencils

Allover stencils can be used to simulate the look of wallpaper, but at a fraction of the cost AND you have the freedom to choose the color of the design. From traditional, to whimsical, to elegant, to contemporary, we carry design themes perfect for your decorating style.

Our allover floral stencils are not just for walls. They are perfect for coordinating curtains, pillows, furniture, rugs, pillowcases and more!

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stencil r6195m , Medium Rani Paisley Motif

Medium Rani Paisley Motif


stencil r6195s , Small Rani Paisley Motif

Small Rani Paisley Motif


stencil r6202l , Large Sultan Swirl

Large Sultan Swirl


stencil ds3689e , Petite Antique Wallpaper

Petite Antique Wallpaper


stencil ds3560 , Floral Spray

Floral Spray


stencil ds3605 , Chic Roses

Chic Roses


stencil r7013 , Falling Daisies

Falling Daisies


stencil r3005 , Skylars Lace

Skylars Lace


stencil sso2078e , Georginian Accent

Georginian Accent


stencil r5000 , Encantada Damask

Encantada Damask


stencil ww74 , Floral Blossom

Floral Blossom


stencil r5001l , Large Phoebe Tulip Vine

Large Phoebe Tulip Vine


stencil r2085 , Florentine Damask

Florentine Damask


stencil r968 , Vase and Pearls

Vase and Pearls


stencil r3089 , Serenity Damask

Serenity Damask


stencil r2055 , Elegancia Allover

Elegancia Allover


stencil r3087s , Small Feathered Damask

Small Feathered Damask


stencil r2066 , Ornamental Cartouche

Ornamental Cartouche


stencil r2067 , Ornamental Flower

Ornamental Flower


stencil r2062 , Foliate Damask

Foliate Damask


stencil r2061l , Large Acanthus Damask

Large Acanthus Damask


stencil swp0118 , Antique Rosette

Antique Rosette


stencil sso2029 , Botanical Breeze

Botanical Breeze


stencil r2082l , Large Japanese Flower Garden B

Large Japanese Flower Garden B


stencil r969s , Flourish Small

Flourish Small


stencil swp0070 , Floral Damask

Floral Damask


stencil r611 , Rose Buddies

Rose Buddies


stencil ww70 , Daisies Wallpaper Stencil

Daisies Wallpaper Stencil


stencil r3053 , Blossoming Allover

Blossoming Allover


stencil ds3607 , Patterned Rosette

Patterned Rosette


stencil ds3607e , Embossing Antique Rosette

Embossing Antique Rosette


stencil swp0117 , Amiens French Heritage

Amiens French Heritage


stencil ds3621 , Tulip Wallpaper Design

Tulip Wallpaper Design


stencil ds1058 , Flower Lattice

Flower Lattice


stencil ds3565e , Hanging Vase Wallpaper

Hanging Vase Wallpaper


stencil ds3560e , Floral Spray Wallpaper Stencil

Floral Spray Wallpaper Stencil


stencil ds3605e , Chic Roses

Chic Roses


stencil ds3566 , Nouveau Florenti

Nouveau Florenti


stencil swp0053 , Florentine Scroll

Florentine Scroll


stencil ds8044e , Toile Wallpaper Stencil

Toile Wallpaper Stencil


stencil swp0008 , Ivy Wallpaper Stencil

Ivy Wallpaper Stencil


stencil ds2584 , Topiary



stencil swp43 , Floral Medallion

Floral Medallion


stencil swp0049 , Floral Punched Tin Wallpaper Stencil

Floral Punched Tin Wallpaper Stencil


stencil swp0044 , Lush Hibiscus

Lush Hibiscus


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