Other Stenciling Accessories

You may find that additional accessories are needed for your stenciling project. We carry everything from brush cleaners, sponges, marking pens and mylar, to assist in any project you might have. Vanishing and water soluble marking pens are great for level placement of your stencils and the marks are easily removed. When stenciling objects such as clouds, leaves or anything else with a more mottled effect, sea sponges are quick and easy alternative to brushes.

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stencil fdct19 , Sparkling Pink Twinkles Glitter Paint

Sparkling Pink Twinkles Glitter Paint


stencil qsh1 , Mylar Sheet

Mylar Sheet


stencil nm34008 , Stencil Cutter

Stencil Cutter


stencil nm1001 , One Stroke Palette

One Stroke Palette


stencil nmc28 , Vanishing Fabric Marker

Vanishing Fabric Marker


stencil nmc97 , Template Marking Pencil

Template Marking Pencil


stencil nmc147 , Water Soluble Marking Pencil

Water Soluble Marking Pencil


stencil nm150151 , Glass Etching Cream

Glass Etching Cream


stencil nm2090 , Natural Ocean Sponges

Natural Ocean Sponges


stencil stap0005 , Natural Sea Sponge

Natural Sea Sponge


stencil nm75e , Scotch Blue Tape

Scotch Blue Tape


stencil samy041218 , Blank Stencil Matte

Blank Stencil Matte


stencil f7002 , Delta Gloss Varnish

Delta Gloss Varnish


stencil f7003 , Delta Satin Varnish

Delta Satin Varnish


stencil f7040 , Delta Matte Varnish

Delta Matte Varnish


stencil f0947 , Folk Art Extender

Folk Art Extender


stencil ccs30395 , Black Spray Ink

Black Spray Ink


stencil ccs30400 , White Spray Ink

White Spray Ink


stencil st7604 , 4 inch Foam Roller

4 inch Foam Roller


stencil st7604r , 4 inch Roller Replacement

4 inch Roller Replacement


stencil st7602r , 2 inch Roller Replacement

2 inch Roller Replacement


stencil st7602 , 2 inch Foam Roller

2 inch Foam Roller


stencil nmds39 , Paint Adhesion Medium

Paint Adhesion Medium


stencil nm100bj , Brush Cleaner

Brush Cleaner


stencil nm20480 , Brush Cleaner

Brush Cleaner


stencil nmrd100 , Brush Scrubby

Brush Scrubby


stencil s8150 , 3 Pack Putty Knives

3 Pack Putty Knives


stencil nm32357 , Stencil Spray Adhesive

Stencil Spray Adhesive


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